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148: You Deserve the Best In Life: Get More Pleasure, Joy, and Creative Flow with Self-Improvement Guide and Multi-Orgasmic Living Expert Antonia Hall

September 29, 2016


Thoughts are information-carrying energy and Antonia Hall gives us the tools to use those thoughts to achieve balance, inner peace, find the joy zone, and even enjoy creative juiciness in every area of our businesses and everyday lives. You deserve the best in life! Antonia tells us how to use visualization to understand what you want and where your goals are, breath work for daily consistency and inner peace, and to treat yourself right to have enough downtime to reset.

147: You Are Not Your Past: Use the Debox Method to Remove Self-Doubt, Anxiety, Shame and More with Mindset Expert Jay Roberts

September 28, 2016


If you want to change your results, then you'll need to either change your actions, or the way you THINK about those results, if not both! Jay Roberts, creator of the DeBox Method, has a new way to deal with struggles, knee-jerk reactions and those daily emotional reactions such as doubt, fear, anger, etc. Each of those potential problems are "boxes" that can be dealt with by leaning into that discomfort, staying with it, and stay with it until the box is empty. Feel the fear, use the fear, then move on with comfort.

146: My Testimonial Engine: Get More Reviews and Get Better Reviews for Any Online (or Offline) Business with Doren Aldana

September 27, 2016


Doren Aldana from My Testimonial Engine tells us about an easy to use tool that will help any business (online or offline) get more reviews from customers on strategic review sites such as Yelp, Google+, Facebook, and more. This tool also cleans up negative reviews and even prevents bad reviews from happening as much as possible. Doren unpacks the ways he transforms 20% of any businesses' database into rave reviews and referrals using what he calls the "magic wand letter."

145: Establish Your Brand, Build the Right Team and Live the Lifestyle You Deserve with Paul Potratz

September 26, 2016


What does success mean for you and your team? Paul Potratz from shares the unique way he runs his business and sets up his company culture where he encourages his employees to make their own decisions and mistakes (including the interview process for that). He tells us how to build a quality brand, get back to basics, and provide a "Nordstrom" customer service instead of a "Macy's" one. Compete based on your brand, not on price!

144: Mental Illness is An Asset: Create Predictable Income Using Checklists, Life Mission Statements, and Tribal Connections with Mike Veny

September 23, 2016


Mental health speaker and drummer Mike Veny from and Unleash Your Groove, who was hospitalized three times, expelled from three schools, and attempted suicide by age 10, gives us simple exercises we can use to become more focused, free up aggression, and become the person we really are. Mike has battled depression, anxiety, and OCD -- and talks to us today about how he's using drum circles to empower people connect authentically with each other and form a mission statement in life. He also tells us how he uses operations manuals and checklists to keep his businesses running smoothly.

143: Success is An Inside Job: Create and Promote Your Itty Bitty Book with Suzy Prudden

September 22, 2016


Suzy Prudden from has been on Oprah and is responsible for many books becoming bestsellers. She tells us that your book is a business BUILDER, not a business card, and that you can create an "itty bitty" book in just 15 pages to market yourself.

142: Creativity is Your Biggest Resource: Get Published, Find Your Flow State, and Prevent Burnout with Spiritual Business Life Coach Tracee Sioux

September 21, 2016

We all tell ourselves three lies: that we don't have time, that we're low on money or priorities, and that we're not good enough. Luckily, nothing could be further from the truth and Tracee Sioux from stops by to set us straight. She tells us how her strategy of content creation (books, CDs, and workbooks) and an online platform (site, social media, and newsletter) has helped her and others build a list and land public speaking gigs.

She has some great advice for aspiring and successful writers including:

  1. write at the same time every day
  2. structure, deadline, and smaller pieces (you can't force your creativity)
  3. take time off to recharge

And more!

141: Hacking Success: Small Wins, Goal Setting and Business Tweaking with Scott Hansen

September 20, 2016


What does success look like to you? What if you had three wishes, how would your business change? What small wins could you experience in your business within the next 90 days or less? Scott Hansen from and tells us why he started his online presence, and how he's built up his podcast devoted to cracking the entrepreneurial code.

140: Find Fulfillment: From Invisible to Influence with Conscious Warrior and Freedompreneur Nick Pereira

September 19, 2016


How do you prevent burnout and enjoy everything you do? That's what Coach Nick Pereira (from and the Freedompreneur Club on Facebook) stops by to answer for us. He tells us how to get into that flow state, start small and grow, PLUS go from invisible to influence with his five step model:

1. invisible (an idea in your head)
2. emergencence (cashflow and clients)
3. chaos (where you have more business than infrastructure)
4. systems (save yourself time and energy)
5. stability/influence (normal operations, scale)

139: The Wisdom of Walt Disney: Live a Great Story and Control What You Can Control with Jeff Barnes

September 16, 2016


The expert on everything Disney, Jeff Barnes from and author of "The Wisdom of Walt: Leadership Lessons from the Happiest Place on Earth" tells us how to live a great story. He shares how Walt Disney succeeded despite all odds, previous failures and existing competitors to create a superior product and experience.

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